We’re breaking the traditional homebuilding convention, and rethinking the housing landscape.



innerspace. Design-led, sustainable homes with a dash of customisation.

Where new build never means low ceilings, small windows or shoebox layouts.

Where green technology is designed in as standard, helping preserve our planet and your wallet.

Where you can choose the space you need and style it your way.

Welcome to modern living with soul, intelligence and personality.


Designed for the next generation.
Built around your lifestyle today.  

innerspace home - More Sustainable

More Sustainable

Owning an innerspace home doesn’t have to cost the earth. We build to the highest possible environmental standards, to minimise each home’s carbon footprint and protect our planet for future generations.

innerspace home - More Customisable

More Customisable

Home really is what you make it. Choose your house size, a layout that suits your lifestyle, your kitchen, your bathroom, your flooring, and have a say on paint and wallpaper for your feature walls too.

innerspace home - More Affordable

More Affordable

Smarter design, manufacturing and build means more affordable homes. Precision-built homes with designed in green technology means some of our homes produce up to 70% of their own energy needs, dramatically reducing your energy bills.

innerspace home - More Intelligent

More Intelligent

Simple, efficient and clever technology to make life better. Touch control for lighting and heating, lockable delivery boxes and optional solar roofing with battery pack so the sun can either charge your home or car, making life easier and a home that’s future proof.


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