We’re breaking the traditional homebuilding convention, and rethinking the housing landscape.


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Great design isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind when you think of modern new build housing, but it’s the foundation on which every new innerspace home is built.

innerspace home - Greener homes

In fact, great design runs through our DNA.

It defines our homes, making them exciting and inspiring, healthier to live in and transforms their performance. When we talk about design, we don’t just mean the things you can see, like the colour of the walls and the worktops in the kitchen. We also take time to consider the hidden details like sustainably sourced materials, maximising natural light and transforming a building’s energy efficiency to make our homes greener, healthier and more affordable to live in.


A better world begins
at home.

Our home, and its surroundings, influences almost every aspect of our lives - from how well we sleep and how safe and secure we feel, to the health of the natural world around us. We spend more of our lives at home than any other place. So if we’re serious about improving our wellbeing and our planet, there can hardly be a more important place to start.

Our approach combines the latest technological advances, innovative design and expertise in sustainable urban regeneration to create humble homes with the potential to change our everyday lives, improve the biodiversity of our surroundings and benefit the people and places around us.

It typically takes over 50 tonnes of CO₂ to build an average UK house, which is equivalent to driving a car non-stop for 81 days. At innerspace we aim to lower our homes’ carbon footprint by 30-40% under the current national policy requirements.

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, dig deeper, and it’s how it really works.
— Steve Jobs, Apple
innerspace home - people and the planet

An approach designed for people and the planet.

Our ultimate aim has always been to build homes that make life better for people and the planet around us. That’s why we’re bringing future technologies into the homes we build today, adding more storage, larger windows that flood each room with light and better designed choices for how people actually want to live.

It’s also why, at a time when housing is becoming less spacious, less inspiring and less affordable, our homes are offering soul, intelligence and personality.


Built around you.

Copy of Bedroom

Who says life has to be limited by one-size-fits-all floor plans? We build homes for real people, not stereotypes, and make you the most important person in our design process.

The result are homes with more space and light, and more freedom for individuality when it comes to interior style and layout. With a range of five different houses, there’s an innerspace home for everyone.


What’s more, you can choose the layout that works for the way you live.

Select a traditional setting with living downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, or go customised and choose an upstairs sitting room with high-vaulted ceilings and a private second bedroom/study downstairs. Then, add you own finishing touches with our inspiring kitchen, bathroom, flooring and wall covering options.